Friday, July 15, 2005

For the full text of the story about this trip, go here.

We started out with a plan. Sometimes that is a bad way to do it, since nothing really went according to that plan. But that's ok, we got some great photos along the way.

Starting at Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport in Virginia (KSHD), where I was teaching and Rich was training at the time, we hopped into the school's Mooney and took off, hoping to reach Catalina Island and find some warm weather and sunshine. I guess we ought to have renewed the passports and flown down to Aruba, or somewhere like that.

But we did get some nice photos along the way. Most of the photos here were taken in Arizona. Sadly, though the plane was parked at the canyon for 5 days, we never got a very good view of it. Flying to a destination, you find yourself without transportation when you get there. We hitched a ride up to the rim, and saw only what was within a few hundred feet of us. The rest was obscured by clouds and blowing snow, which started to clear only after we had hiked half of the seven miles back to our hotel.


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